The pendant affords the operator exact control over the movements of the crane. Pendant configurations depend on the functions of the equipment being operated. Each pushbutton on the pendant controls an operating function of the crane system.
The pendant can suspend from the trolley and hoist, which requires the operator to walk with and alongside the load, or on a separate sliding track system; in turn allowing the operator to move independently of the load.


      A pendant can also work in conjunction with a Variable Frequency Drive. A VFD is used to vary the frequency of the motors controlling the motions, which allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration; an infinite control over speed.

      The enclosure houses the electrical components of the crane and is rated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or the Canadian Electrical Manufacturers Association concerning the level of protection they provide, from the conditions in the surrounding environment. The following are three basic levels of protection:

      Offers protection from accidental contact with, and electrical shock from, enclosed equipment.

    CEMA/NEMA 12
      Offers indoor protection from falling dirt, dust, oil and water.

      Offers indoor protection in hosed down, very wet or outdoor environments, and protects against falling dirt, dust, oil and water.

Radio Controls

To satisfy any of your overhead crane and hoist's wireless needs, MHS can supply you with a wide range of radio remote options.

The radio control performs the same way as a pendant but operates using a radio frequency. The radio control incorporates many safety features and affords the operator a greater range of movement than a pendant.

We offer the following alternatives:

  • Optical and radio remotes
  • Pre-engineered systems
  • Custom-engineered systems
  • Individual replacement transmitters
  • Truck crane and overhead crane remotes

Variable Drives

Variable drives are one of the greatest innovations for cranes in decades. They provide the following improvements:
    - Variable drives eliminate inrush current and reduces run current, improving the efficiency of motors. Inrush current is typically 5 to 8 times run current, so on a 20 Hp motor, at 480V, the inrush current can be as high as 220 Amps. Many industrial electrical meters measure peak current; your electrical bill for 220 amp will be significantly higher than for 25 amp.
    - Safety is a prime concern when moving large loads. Variable drives ramp speeds up and down, reducing dangerous load swing.
    - An important feature of a variable drive includes placing loads precisely where they need to be. The ability to inch a load into position, without the load swinging, increases safety (smashed fingers in tight quarters) and improves efficiency. Without the ramp and slow speed features, the operator must wait for load to stop swinging each time the operator pushes the button.
    - As you can imagine 220 amp inrush current greatly reduces the life of relays and other components, especially when operators jog the hoist.
    - Increased brake life. Variable drives use regenerative braking to stop motion and only use the brake as a holding brake. The brakes should last forever.
    - The slow speeds available allow accurate positioning where the faster speeds allow moving cranes with no load or small loads quickly. A variable drive bridge and trolley can save over 50% of the movement time over a single or double speed crane.


From replacement variable frequency drives to custom panels and automation, we've got everything you need for controls. We have electrical engineers on staff to address all of your control needs.
Why should you purchase your inverter or control panel from MHS?
  • UL508A Certified
  • Overload Capability - 300% starting torque
  • Oversized Power Sections - Cooler operation and longer life
  • Built in Braking Resistors
  • Large, User Friendly Display
  • Color and number coded wiring for easy troubleshooting, long life, and ease of use

Our controls are engineered to offer tight control over both torque and speed regulation, while offering the industry's simplest and most user-friendly operator interface. Designed to handle the industry's most demanding conditions, our drives and panels deliver only the highest level of performance.

The following are a few of the many brands we sell and repair:
Control Panels - UL508A Control Components Variable Frequency Controls Safety Enclosed Conductors
  • Crane & Hoist Replacement Controls
  • Crane Modernization Controls
  • Special Application Controls
  • Euclid-Hubbell
  • Furnas
  • Square "D"
  • Electromotive Impulse
  • Power Electronics
  • Hitachi
  • Drivecon
  • Systems & Festoon Systems
  • Electromotive
  • Duct-O-Wire
  • Insul-8
  • Saf-T-Bar
  • Gleason
  • Feedrail
  • Huble
  • Aeromotive
  • Porter
  • U.S. Safety Trolley Remote Controls Push Button Pendants Other Electrical Products
  • Remtron
  • C/M
  • Catron
  • Control Chief
  • Telemotive
  • Teleradio
  • Drivecon
  • ACI
  • Conductix
  • Telemecanique
  • Electromotive
  • Hubbell
  • Square "D"
  • Duct-O-Wire
  • P & H
  • Gleason Reel
  • Industrial Cable Reels
  • Aeromotive Cable Reels
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