Crane Modernization

Material Handling Systems offers complete crane modernization services, which include: updating equipment, changing span measurements, replacing defective or weather damaged components, and rebuilding or replacing components; such as, end trucks, end truck wheels, drives, motors, hoists, and electrical controls.

As part of the modernization services, our crew will take down the crane and transport it to our warehouse, where we strip and rework the unit. In cases requiring repainting, the unit will be tool brushed or sandblasted, depending on the paint that is required, and apply a fresh coat. Also installed, are new capacity and warning labels.

The crane will be rewired after it has been cleaned and repainted. To ensure the bridge, trolley, and hoist functions work properly, the crane will undergo a series of functional tests in our facilities. The system will be reinstalled once the system passes a total quality control check. If requested by the customer, a load test can also be performed at the customer's location.

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