Crane Repairs

We at MHS understand that choosing a crane company is a difficult decision.  You are bombarded with sales people that all say that their company will do a better job.  You may also have internal people to work on your crane at what appears to be a less costly rate.

So why should you pick MHS?

 The following are some items to consider when deciding who to choose for repairs:

The quality of technicians that work on your equipment is critical.  From day one we teach our technicians never to replace a part without knowing WHY it failed.  Have you ever had any part that failed more than once?  If so the root of the problem was not found.

Unlike other crane companies we have 2 electrical engineers, 2 mechanical engineers and 10 senior technicians, each with over 20 years experience.  Our technicians never shotgun a repair, rather they determine the root of the problem, which in turn significantly reduces the need for further repair and costs.     
Small or large company
You want the personal care a small company can give you, but need the technical expertise you can get from a larger company.  Some problems our customers have seen with small companies are low insurance limits, not being able to handle difficult or large jobs, scheduling problems due to vacations or excessive workloads.

Large companies make your company fit their model; high costs and profit being the only motivator.  

MHS is insured for 6 million dollars and, with over 50 employees, has the technical expertise and manpower for any job.  We will work with you to meet your goals and we realize that by caring about our customer's costs, we build long term relationships.
Using your own people or electricians
We understand that every business must save money to survive.  At first glance paying a lower hourly rate seems like a money saver.  We have two examples, and many more, where this proved false.  

A customer hired a crane technician with 10 years experience assuming this would cut their cost in half.  Along with their 20 years experience, our technicians have many people they can call if they have a new problem when they are troubleshooting.  The issue this company ran into is that no one person knows everything.  This technician had to figure it out on his own.  The company's cost and down time went up (they are now using MHS and their costs are much lower).  

Another company had a nearby electrical company repairing their hoists.  The electricians could not troubleshoot the mechanical half of the hoist and also did not have the support that MHS has.  The customer's costs were cut by more than half and their down time is now near zero.

Knowledge of brands
Knowledge of all hoists and cranes is important to improving your reliability.  Quality and reliability of brands changes over the years.  We know that P&H used to be the leader in quality and they were purchased by Kone so the new P&H is totally different from the old P&H.  MHS represents and repairs all brands and will help you make the most cost effective choices.

Our engineering department can solve your problems.  We have designed such things as a New Year's Eve ball lowering systems to special carts that move cooling chambers at nuclear power plants.  We have upgraded capacities systems cost effectively (in one case from 10 to 30 ton without changing the runways or footers) and built specialty, very low headroom cranes (in one case 10" headroom on a 8 ton 40 foot crane)
Knowledge of requirements
We do not guess, instead we keep up to date with requirements.  Some common mistakes on crane requirements are:

Use of SO or tray cable to bring power to the end truck motors to save cost (most systems with plug in connectors do not meet the National Electric Code). Although other companies may tell you different, this is a violation of the National Electric Code  - 610-11   -  Conductors SHALL be enclosed in raceways (raceways are defined as "an enclosed channel designed expressly for holding wires...") or be metal clad cable (AC, MC, of MI) with the exception of festooning, short lengths to collectors,  or pendant cable. 

UL508A certified control boxes. All of our control boxes are UL508A certified, approved, and labeled.  Although most companies use UL components, they do not certify the entire control box.  Many localities (and we are told eventually all) have changed their code to require the control box bear a UL508A or other approved label on the front.  Most customers do not find this out until it is too late.  Field certification can cost tens of thousands of dollars if not done properly.

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