Enclosed Track

    Enclosed Track Monorails are lightweight and easily repositioned.  The enclosed track, modular design requires no welding.  Its enclosed style keeps dust, dirt, and other contaminants from collecting inside the track thus allowing for a smooth, resistance-free, rolling surface and reduces trolley wheel and track deterioration.  Enclosed tracks come in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel with options such as curved rail, switches, and free standing systems.  

Patent Track

    For a wide range of applications, and maximum strength, long wear and ease of installation, patent runway tracks and track fittings are designed to meet span, load and duty requirements. However, standard tracks do the same but, unlike patent tracks, standard tracks are an economical choice.  

Standard Tracks     

  • W- Wide flange beam
    • Have parallel inner and outer flange surfaces with a constant thickness
    • Structural member whose cross section forms the letter H and is typically the most widely used structural member
    • Designed with flanges that provide strength in a horizontal plane, while the web provides strength in a vertical plane
    • Had different web and flange thickness    
  • S-Shape beam
      • Is in the design of the inner surfaces on the flange
      • Had a slope of approximately 17' on the inner flange surface
      • Is distinguished by its cross section shaped like the letter I
      • Have higher wheel loading capabilities than W shapes but are typically more costly.     

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