How to decide which trolley to purchase

Geared Trolleys

Hand geared trolleys are designed for applications requiring close control of horizontal movement of the hoist and its load.

Hand geared trolleys are ideal for those applications where an operator shouldn't be near or touch the load to move or position it.

Hand-Pushed Trolleys

Push trolleys are an economical alternative for low duty cycle, lighter capacity applications with lifts under 20 feet.

Motorized Trolleys

Powered or motorized trolleys are the most common suspension method for hoists over 2 ton capacities.
They are also a time saving investment when used on lengthy runways.

Through the use of a pendant throttle, the operator is able to control the hoist/trolley functions thus increasing load handling efficiency and speed.

Why choose Material Handling Systems for a trolley

Large Inventory

With an inventory of $1,000,000, including trolleys to up to 20 tons, MHS can provide almost any product ready for immediate shipping.

Represent and Repair all brands  

Due to our capacity to represent and repair all brands of trolleys, we know which products are the most cost effective and reliable.

Product Knowledge

To receive a quote for a trolley or any other product, Material Handling Systems does not require customers to fill out an order form. Instead, we provide personal attention to aid our customers in choosing a trolley. We are the experts and as such, all of our employees understand that their job is to add value to the customer.

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