Forklifts vs. Cranes

When purchasing a high dollar piece of equipment you should consider ROI (return on investment).  

This crane will begin saving the minute you begin using it - HOW?

  • Efficiency  
  •       With a crane, 1 person can safely lift and move a load that would require 2 people with a forklift: one to drive the truck and one to stabilize the load.

  • Floor space  
          Forklifts require large aisles, especially for turning - cranes only require a walkway.  Space savings can be as high as 20%.

  • Lower maintenance
          Cranes have a much lower maintenance cost - forklifts have tires and hydraulics that wear out - cranes have electric motors and steel wheels that last for decades.

  • Lower fuel cost 
  •       A cranes electric motors are much more efficient than gas motors. Battery forklifts have a very expensive battery that must be replaced as well as a charging station.

  • Equipment life  
  •       Forklifts have a short life expectancy of 5 to 10 years.  Cranes will last over 30 years.

  • Safety  
  •       Cranes have a 5 to 1 safety factor and cannot tip over.  Cranes are easy to use by one person so employees are more likely to use a crane to lift a 40 pound load reducing injuries.

  • Versatility
  •       Once you begin using your crane you will find many extra uses for it and things like maintenance on equipment is much easier and safer with a crane to lift components.

One example of cost savings

A marble company used forklifts and purchased a crane - cost $50,000.00.  At first they were concerned about the large capital outlay so we introduced them to leasing.

For about 2% per month, on a 5 year $1.00 buy back lease, they were able to lease the crane for $1,000.00 per month.

  • -    This company was using their forklift 4 hours per day - one person driving and one person guiding the load.  With the crane they were able to do the same work with 1 person in 3 hours for a savings of 5 hours per day.  With a burdened labor rate of $35.00, monthly savings were 21.75 (workdays per month) X 5 (hours saving per day) X $35.00 per hour  = $3,806.25

  • -    Historically we have found maintenance costs to be $50.00 per month lower on a crane than a forklift.

  • -    This company was able to save 18% on aisle space (1200 sq feet) of floor space at a monthly rental rate of $0.66 per square foot savings, totaling $800 per month

  • -    Damage to trucks when loading - once or twice a year the forklift operator would ding the side of a truck when loading.  Average cost $150.00 per month.

  • -    Forklift cost $625.00 per month

CRANE COST                      $1000.00 per month

Monthly cost prior to crane:
Labor $3,806.25
 Maintenance  $50.00
 Rent  $800.00
 Damage  $150.00
 Forklift Cost
 Total  $5,431.25
 Monthly Savings  $4,431.25

How long can you afford this kind of loss?

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