Forklift/Manlift Fundamentals Training:

Forklifts/ Manlifts can tip over, drop loads, trap people and fall off ramps or docks. Material Handling Systems Forklift/Manlift  Fundamentals Training Program can teach forklift operators to avoid accidents by:

  • Understanding forklift design, controls and instruments
  • Conducting a comprehensive pre-use inspection before each use
  • Understanding forklift stability and the factors that affect it

Rigging Equipment Training:

Rigging is used anytime you connect lifting power to a load. To safely lift, you need to know the tools, techniques and materials used for a safe and successful lift. The Material Handling Systems Rigging Equipment Training Program covers important information on rigging procedures and safety, including:

  • Types of rigging available
  • Common materials used in rigging
  • Methods to set up a sling and attach it to a load.

Mobile Crane Training:

While there are many types of cranes, they all have the ability to make many jobs much easier by being able to lift enormous weight. But they also share the potential for danger when they are not operated safely. The Material Handling Systems Mobile Crane Training Program will include the following:

  • Equipment inspections
  • General and operational safety devices
  • General operating procedures
  • Working with a boom crane
  • Hand signals    

Indoor Cranes Training:

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes (jib cranes, monorails, gantry cranes, and bridge cranes), perform a multitude of jobs, and help increase productivity, making your job easier. However, using your crane improperly can cause breakdowns and product damage. It can also seriously injure you. The Material Handing Systems Overhead Crane Training Program will include the following:

  • Help reduce crane accidents and breakdown in your workplace
  • Learning how to inspect shop-operated power hoist equipment
  • Learning how to safely operate a shop-operated power hoist equipment

Material Handling Systems will provide booklets, videos, pencils, and additional materials needed for all training classes. An MHS instructor will conduct the training at your location.

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