We at MHS represent many brands that are a good value to our customers. With our extensive field experience maintaining all brands, we can help you choose the hoist that is correct for your application. Click here for more information.

Electric Chain Hoist

An Electric Chain Hoist is any hoist which utilizes links or rollers as its lifting medium and is electrically driven.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

A wire rope hoist is a hoist that utilizes wire rope as the lifting medium. It is often powered electrically or pneumatically. Wire rope hoists are made up of a rope storage drum, motor(s), gear box and braking system, and is suspended from a monorail or bridge beam(s) by means of a trolley; or be stationary mounted. Manual wire rope hoists are generally referred to as "pullers" and operate utilizing a ratchet and pawl tensioning technology.

Lever Hoist

A lever hoist is a manual device used to lift, lower, or pull a load and to apply or release tension. It utilizes a ratchet and pawl mechanical design to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension.

Manual Hoists

By use of manual operation, a manual hoist is a suspended machinery unit that is used for the lifting and lowering of a freely suspended (unguided) load. A manual hoist generally uses chain (roller or link) as its lifting medium.

Concert / Stage Hoists

For safe handling of stage and theatrical equipment, Concert Hoists are ideal. There are diverse Concert Models to meet each need, including: minor venue or a tough rigging application requiring the mobilization of multiple lighting systems, speakers or sceneries.

Air / Pneumatic Hoists

For environments where electricity is not suitable, an Air/Pneumatic Hoist is ideal. Some of the benefits of Air/Pneumatic vs electric models include: self-cooling motors, variable speed lifting, and load spotting ease. MHS offers Air/Pneumatic Hoists that are equipped with spark and corrosion resistance and accessories such as filter-lubricator units. Options & accessories include: motor mounting configurations, ratchet & pawl, multi-disc & drum brakes, drum pressure rollers, encoder drives & coatings. Hydraulic hoists are capable of pulling 1,000 lbs. to 300,000 lbs. drum weight.

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