Air Powered Winches

These winches provide great lifting and pulling power, without the hazard of a burned out motor. For tension applications and situations requiring precise load spotting abilities, these winches are ideal. Air powered winches perform well in all types of environments involving extreme heat, cold, dust, wet, and explosive surroundings. They also have an unlimited duty cycle.

Electric Powered Winches

These winches are designed with either worm or spur gearing. Worm gear and shaft sets run on perpendicular planes. Gear sets usually are enclosed within an oil bath. They require less torque on input and are ideal for short distances and controlled movement.  

Spur gear and shaft sets run on parallel planes. Gear sets are typically not enclosed and require lubrication. They utilize more torque on input and work for long distances and quick movement.

Hand Powered Winches

Material Handling Systems, Inc. distributes several hand powered winches with spur gear and worm gear configurations. Other variations are suitable for marine duty, automatic brakes, stainless steel construction, double reduction, enclosed gears and adjustable handles.

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