Best Practices for Safer Overhead Crane Operation

If you work in an industrial setting, you should be familiar with various types of material handling equipment, and may even have operated an overhead crane at some point within your facility.

What you may not know is that the same best practices used to operate tower cranes can be applied to overhead systems.

Perhaps tower cranes require more expertise and a lot more precaution during operation, but general best practices can be applied to any crane you might utilize in your workflows.

Listed below are basic “guidelines” to ensure safe and efficient crane operations:

  • Understand Safety Measures: Safety is composed of persistent precautions taken during every step of operation. Keep your operators trained on proper operating procedures and get them into the “safety mindset”. No amount of alarms, emergency stop functions or other safety features are equal to preventative safety actions taken by your operators.
  • Maintain a Care Routine: Every manufacturer provides (or should provide) a suggested maintenance schedule for any type of equipment, especially heavy-duty machines. Ensure that your team is actively inspecting the equipment prior to use and have a trusted service and inspection provider for quarterly or yearly maintenance.
     Having a reputable service provider is key– especially when you’re audited by OSHA.
  • Stay Up to Date on Operating Practices: Many regulatory bodies keep manufacturers in check when it comes to the quality of the equipment they produce. OSHA and ANSI are the two most influential bodies governing the safety and reliability of equipment and work environments. Be familiar with updates to their policies and train your staff accordingly.MHS Crane can educate your team on best practices for material handling operation. Check out our services here.

About Ana C. Coronel

A digital native and experienced marketing project manager, Ana is the trusted communicator for MHS customers about all things cranes. She helps customers understand how MHS improves operational workflows and increases equipment life by connecting them with the experienced engineering and service teams.