Industry Comparison: The Cost of a New System for a Marble & Granite Manufacturer

Overhead cranes in the marble and granite industry are increasingly sought after because they solve several pain points of warehouses and handlers. For one, they clear up floor space, maximizing the amount of product a warehouse can hold at any given moment since overhead cranes reduce the need for forklifts and other wheeled handling solutions. Overhead cranes also minimize the amount of handling needed for the material; less transportation means less risk of damaging the slabs, which leads to more efficient workflows as you won’t need two or more employees to lift and move the product.

Seeing the benefits overhead cranes could offer, two different marble companies requested quotes on a new system. Each were in the market and had already obtained quotes from other providers.
Our quote was 10% higher than either of the quotes they had received—neither company wanted to move forward, but instead requested we do a revision considering it is one of our customer satisfaction policies. We offered to do an in-depth quote comparison to understand where our quote differed from our competitors.
Here are some of the differences we encountered in one of the cases.

Case 1:

MHS price: $82,000
Competitor Price: $75,000
Competitor Quote Breakdown:
Tax: Our competitor did not include Miami Dade tax, which sits at 7%, adding another $5,617.50
Real price if it had been included: $80,250.
OSHA Required Training: The competitor did not include required training in their proposal, but offered it separately post training at $1,260
Real price if it had been included: $81,510.

Warranty: Our competitor only offered a 1 year warranty while MHS offers 3 years, an average of 8% of final costs.
Real price if it had been included: $87,510.

Shipping: The competitor did not include shipment and handling.
Real price if it had been included: With an approximate of $2,000 in shipping costs, the load value is up to $89,510.
Required Load Testing, including transportation: $1,800
Real price, had it been included: $91,310
Runway: Our competitor only quoted a 78’ runway, while MHS quoted a 140×2 runway (a $22,000 difference).
Additionally, the other quote was made for three systems, and the customer had mentioned that our competitor would knock off $4,000 if they purchased an additional system they did not need.

At final comparison, the real breakdown looks like this:

$75,000 + 5,517.50+ $22,000 + $1800 + 1260 + 2000+ $4,000 = $ 109,577.50.
So instead of being 10% higher, the MHS price is actually 28.8% lower than the competitor’s price, including the extended warranty.
This is why understanding a crane quote is important—many competitors will offer minimal costs upfront, only to inflate the final price with service fees, taxes, and services.

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