Material Handling Systems, Inc.: CMAA & MHI Membership

 Material Handling Systems, Inc. is a proud member of the CMAA and MHI organizations—

these two groups are important regulatory bodies within the material handling and crane industries.

Why does CMAA & MHI membership matter?

To understand why it’s important for an overhead crane manufacturer to be a part of these organizations, we’ll delve into a brief explanation of how each organization started and what they represent.
The Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) was established in 1955, although it’s operations reach back into the late 1920’s when a group of crane manufacturers came together to establish quality control within the crane industry. The Electric Overhead Crane institute was composed of 30 member companies, all of which worked together to establish standardization in the manufacturing and operational protocols of overhead cranes—their main goal was to prioritize safety and prevent workplace accidents.
MHI, established in 1945, is an international trade association that has represented the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry. They oversee the network of quality, certified companies and connect them to in-market businesses.
As affiliate organizations, CMAA & MHI collaborate to ensure buyers looking for overhead crane and material handling solutions receive quality equipment worldwide.  In the 1970s, The CMAA published two important Spec guidelines designed to help buyers make informed purchases—Spec 70 outlines information on multiple girder cranes while Spec 74 focuses on single girder cranes.
Both guides offer technical guidelines and industry best practices that can be helpful when researching the right fit for your needs.
Additionally, the CMAA advocates for buyer safety by championing industry safety practices, standardized engineering specs, education and offering professional development for crane technicians and inspectors.

Benefit for Buyers

Crane manufacturers that seek to become a CMAA & MHI member must go through a rigorous initiation and verification process—unlike most paid organization memberships, a new crane manufacturer must be voted in by existing members. The goal of this process is to maintain the integrity of the affiliation.
Manufacturers seeking to become a member must prove that they follow standard practices, verify their safety protocols and demonstrate high levels of quality control in their manufacturing processes. Ultimately, this rigorous process benefits buyers as it ensures that they will receive quality equipment systems, preventing cut corners during fabrication.
Unlike other crane manufacturers that solely focus on production, we specialize in customized engineered designs and system repairs and inspections. We’re a trusted material handling equipment manufacturer with decades of experience and feature overhead crane fabrication locations throughout Florida and Georgia and offer service globally.
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