Customer Success Stories

Daher Aircraft, Inc.

Daher was in need of a customized overhead crane to aid in placing jet engines in fuselages, lift entire airframes off the ground and to test landing gear. Click here to view their full case study.


Vortex Aviation

Vortex Aviation expressed interest in two 10T cranes to aid in the maintenance and repairs of turbine engines. They offer their customers emergency repairs, and needed a reliable lifting solution that can withstand upwards of 6,000 thousand pounds. Click here to view their full case study.


Stone Mall: Stone Supply Florida

Stone Mall needed a lifting system that would reduce material loss and efficiently mobilize giant slabs of marble and granite throughout their 16,000sqft facility. MHS provided a customized overhead crane capable of lifting up to 5T of material. Click here to view their full case study.

Stone Mall

Nature of Marble

An importer of natural and exotic stone in South Florida, Nature of Marble required a material handling solution for their new facility. In 2014, they reached out looking for a reliable handling company with experience designing systems for clients in the marble industry. Click here to view their full case study.

Nature of Marble

Seaboard Management

Seaboard Management needed a customized solution that would help them lift and transport huge electrical generators for maintenance. Click here to view their customer case study.

Seaboard Management

Marlen International (KwikTrip)

A renown food processing equipment manufacturer, Marlen International needed a lifting solution that would help them comply with pristine, stainless steel, food-grade manufacturing requirements. Click here to view their full profile.

Marlen International

Isle of Capri Water Booster Station

The Isle of Capri embarked on a project to improve the water booster station, replacing aging equipment to optimize operations, increase pumping capacity and improve fire protection.
Click here to view their full case study.

Isle of Capri

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