Located in Mexico and Nicaragua, Rotoplas manufactures water and chemical storage tanks ranging from 200- 12,000 gallons. These storage tanks offer a safe storage solution for water, fertilizer and other highly corrosive liquids. Rotoplas needed a lifting solution that could easily lift the heavy tanks out of the production molds.


Rotoplas needed a system that could lift the final product out of the mold and the mold itself when it was time for maintenance. The importance of an overhead system that wouldn’t lose grip or fail was key. If either the tanks or molds damaged, it could bring significant consequences since the tanks are used to store chemicals.
We developed a 3 ton crane with a top running bridge for additional support. For greater control of the bridge, we implemented dual drive end trucks and variable speed control of the bridge. A 3 ton electric chain hoist was implemented instead of a wire rope hoist, as a better solution for easy cleaning and maintenance of the system.

Customer Quote:

Rotoplas has molding machinery arranged in a series. Each machine works a different size of tank; in turn, each machine has metal molds that are disassembled for maintenance and are utilized to produce different sizes of storage tanks. The overhead bridge crane is used to remove the finished product (tank) from each machine, and to remove the molds. Our largest tank mold machine alone justifies the use of the bridge, since the molds it uses weigh between 0.5 Tons to 2 Tons.

Equipment Information:

Systems Type: Top-Running Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Hoist Type: Electric Chain Hoist


  • One 3 Ton Crane
  • One 3 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

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Overhead crane, festoon system, runways and support beams manufactured by Material Handling Systems, Inc. (MHS CRANE)
Top Running Single Girder Bridge Crane manufactured by Material Handling Systems, Inc. (MHS CRANE)
Foto Rotoplas 2
Material Handling Systems, Inc. (MHS Crane) Overhead Bridge Crane