The Isle of Capri embarked on a project to improve theĀ  water booster station, replacing aging equipment to optimize operations, increase pumping capacity and improve fire protection.
Despite the ongoing renovations, the station needed to remain online, as it provides water throughout Pinellas County, including Treasure Island and other nearby communities.
Aside from the need for the station to remain active, the largest pain point in the project was the building itself—the building is small andĀ  round, with two levels: the lower level for the pumps, and the upper level for the electronic systems.


The major obstacle faced by other crane firms that wanted to bid on the project was the small, round building. The crane needed to carry the hoist around the circumference of the facility and switch onto a monorail track that leads into another building.
Due to MHS’ experience in custom engineering, our team designed a circular monorail crane with a change track system to facilitate a smooth transition of the hoist. We upgraded the system from a 2 Ton capacity to a 3 Ton capacity level–overall, the system is used to service and install the water pumps on a regular basis.
The success of the project wasn’t only the outstanding engineering, but the teamwork involved with the city of Treasure Island to ensure the water station remained online throughout the project.

Equipment Information:

Systems Type: Overhead Monorail Crane

Hoist Type: Wire Rope Hoist


  • One 3 Ton Crane
  • One 3 Ton Wire Rope Hoist

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Isle Capri Project
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