Based in Haiti, Le Flamengo is an importer of various industrial goods. In 2019, they decided it was time to expand their facilities to support their growing operation. They needed a system that would fit into their warehouse and optimize their logistics.


While most warehouse facilities have cranes in a small portion of the building, the distribution of  Le Flamengo’s  facility could be utilized to greater potential. To maximize their operations, they needed an equipment system that could span the entirety of the building.

We designed and fabricated a 5 Ton system over 60 FT long in runway length. Most systems don’t reach past 30 FT of runway, making this crane unusual and a custom designed system. To best support lifting capabilities, this system was designed as a top running crane.

Equipment Information:

Systems Type: Top-Running Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Hoist Type: Electric Chain Hoist


  • One 5 Ton Crane with 60 Ft of Runway
  • One 5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

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