The GKN Aerospace California branch faced a significant workflow problem which lead to significant labor expenses and continuous time constraints on important projects. In order to load and unload F35 transparencies into the sputtering chamber, they required a team of 5 people, with an average of 5-6 hours to complete the process.

GKN Aerospace needed a system that would provide a faster alternative, requiring less people without sacrificing safety.


The delicate F35 transparencies required a system that could place them in the sputtering chamber without causing damage. The GKN team also needed to reduce the amount of time and people needed in the process so they could redistribute laborers to other tasks.

We designed a monorail system with a custom fixture that would allow a single person to load and unload the transparency in less than an hour, reducing both labor costs and processing time by 80%.


Systems Type: Overhead Monorail Crane & Fixture

Hoist Type: Electric Chain Hoist

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manufactured by Material Handling Systems, Inc (MHS CRANE)