Several airline-industry customers, including Jet Blue and American Airlines, expressed concerns over airplane jacks that were unstable and weren’t lifting properly. The jet jacks are used to lift commercial airplanes during routine maintenance; the airlines could not risk the safety of their crew and sought to purchase new jacks from MHS.

The airlines needed multiple jacks, setting a high investment cost in order to replace the fleet. Knowing we could help with an innovative solution, we requested to see the worst jack for proper inspection, offering to trade up a free inspection and load test if we could not provide proper repairs.


Upon inspection, our technicians discovered water in the hydraulic oil and hardened grease that had accumulated around the grease fittings, which definitely needed to be replaced. Due to the poor condition of the equipment, we decided to investigate the cause of the damages, realizing that the previous company which  had certified the jacks did not have a test stand to ensure proper testing.
Instead of using a test stand, this company had hooked up the hydraulic lines to a pressure gauge–this method does not determine if there is seal leakage in the ram, leading to the problems discovered in the jack we inspected.

With this new information, our engineers came together to rebuild the system at 10% of the cost of a brand new jack, fully testing each jack with our 60T and 100T test stands. With our unique testing system consisting of fixtures to boot strap kits and overhead cranes, we can test airplane and train jacks, along with other systems, guaranteeing the safety of the equipment being tested.

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patented hydraulic jet jacks manufactured by Material Handling Systems, Inc (MHS CRANE)
patented hydraulic jet jacks manufactured by Material Handling Systems, Inc (MHS CRANE)