Duke Energy must comply with regular maintenance every 18-24 months of the reactors that hold the cooling chambers at their nuclear power plants. Every time a chamber is removed, they must shut down the plant. In an effort to reduce the maintenance and overall down time of the plant, Duke Energy needed a system that would facilitate the removal of the cooling chamber at a faster speed.


MHS engineers came up with an innovative design that would help lift the chambers onto the carts and transfer them out of the reactors. The system was comprised of motorized transfer carts, weighing approximately 120,000 lbs. each, with two jib cranes attached to the sides.

This design merged two handling systems into one, reducing the amount of equipment that was needed to perform the removal. It also eliminated the need for multiple people for the process, allowing Duke Energy to streamline their workflow while reducing the amount of time needed to keep the plant shut down.

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duke energy walkway
Image of overhead crane control box manufactured by Material Handling Systems, Inc (MHS CRANE)